Hello, it's lovely to meet you! I'm Andrea Koochin

How would your life change if your business brought you all the clients, customers or patients you need?

Do you need to make more money, but have no idea how?

Are you looking for residual income so you can reduce the hours you spend at your desk?

I'm Andrea Koochin and at MyHomeBiz.TIPS we inspire, empower and support home-based business owners so that you can find, create and scale the business of your dreams without sacrificing your family or your sanity.

TIPS stands for Tools and Ideas that Produce Success and together we create predictable systems to simplify and automate processes, including your daily activities to keep you accountable and reduce your stress level!

We also create a Success KIT based on the art of Keeping in Touch so that you can grow your connections because connections are currency, and we all want more of that!

We have lots of great tools and software that make managing and marketing a breeze, and we can introduce you to some fabulous opportunities as well.

I'm originally from the UK and now live in San Diego with my Canadian husband, my American daughter and our fluffy Maltipoo who might have come over from Mexico!

With warm regards,

Andrea Koochin

MyHomeBiz.TIPS to inspire, empower and support home-based business owners