My OnPassive Overview (10 mins)

My Introduction to OnPassive (5 mins)

My OnPassive Update Sept 21 (2 mins)

ONPASSIVE is a disruptive technology company that builds fully autonomous products using artificial intelligence. We are currently still in the funding stages and there is an opportunity to become a Founder for those who are interested in investing.

From strategy to designing, implementation and management, we are here to accelerate innovation and transform businesses. Our wide range of AI-based products and solutions aims to transform global enterprises digitally.

ONPASSIVE’s product innovation and digital transformation strategies help reinvent business models to help our customers achieve better operational efficiency and client experience.

We enable the full value of game-changing AI technology and services that are easy to use, adapt, and scale, making our clients successful in a fully connected world.

Our platform will have over 50 products including the basics like mail, landing pages and websites. There will also be HR, sales, social media, accounting, e-commerce, training, video conferencing and lead generation, to name a few. We are rolling out in stages and the list below will grow!

We are here to support you in maximizing the benefits of OnPassive in every way possible, 

with warm regards,

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Andrea Koochin

OnPassive Founder Member