Addison Griffin grew up in northern Wisconsin near Lake Superior. He moved to St. Croix six years ago wanting to live by water that doesn’t freeze every winter! He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Social Work from St. Scholastica, Duluth, MN and successfully completed his Masters of Social Work from the University of the Virgin Islands in May 2022. Addison lives his life with a passion for helping others. While in high school, he volunteered at the Superior Boys & Girls Club and was selected as Youth of the Year. He worked at an adult foster home and completed an internship at Northwood Children’s Home while attending college. Upon graduation, he continued to work at Northwood Children’s Home as a Youth Counselor for four years. Addison is currently employed by Island Therapy Solutions, where he also interned while pursuing his Masters. Addison is currently a crisis counselor providing support services to youth and young adults. He also provides training and outreach services under their community resilience program. In addition, as part of his position at ITS, he spends time each week working with youth at Good Hope Country Day school. Addison is committed to providing support and opportunity to the youth of St. Croix. In his free-time, Addison loves to play and talk football and hopes his commitment to fitness and making the most out of each day rubs off on others.

Addison Griffin

Community Relations Director , Lion Haven