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Robert Rosenthal welcomes you to an overview of our digital business cards

If I could show you a way to effectively build relationships with new prospects, easily follow up and get better referrals very affordably, would you be interested?

Shuffle digital business cards are trackable and the elify system with its revolutionary mobile app is priceless!

- Get notified in real time when your card is viewed.

- Receive detailed analytics on what buttons and video's were viewed the most.

- Direct prospects to your website, shopping cart, all your social media sites, paypal, yelp, or any other URL.

- Effectively follow up with the personal touch.

- Use the card's QR code on all marketing material to drive traffic to you.

- Add lead capture and call to action forms to the cards.

- Embed videos right in the card.

- Cards can be sent to anyone in the world by text or email.

- your digital cards can also be used for announcements, invites, motivational messages, reminders, fundraisers and more.

That's just the beginning. This is also a CRM System that will store all your contacts where you can keep detailed notes and set follow-up reminders right in the palm of your hand.

To learn more click the buttons below and watch some quick video tutorials.

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