I know you will love and benefit from having your own digital business card, so let me build your Digital Business card demo for you so you can see for yourself!

Why would you want your own Digital Business Card (DBC)?

To start, a DBC is so easy to create, modify and share!

Your DBC can include text, images, videos and even links to your main web site.

Your DBC never gets thrown away like 70% of printed business cards.

You can share them (as many as you like for the same price) by e-mail, on social media - Facebook, Twitter and more. Our software makes it easy!!

You have a complete CRM built in, so add people to your conact manager, set up follow ups, take notes, easily contact them to share more about your products and services and just make your life easier!

Step #1

Fill out the forma the bottom of this page with your web site. Include your phone number a-mail address as well.

If I can build your demo, I will follow up with you within 24 hours and start. Turn-around time is usually 48 hours until we get really busy!

Step#2 - click on the blue "Sign Up" Box below to sign up with Elify and my team if you like the demo and want to go live and start using all the tools!

My best business ideas to you,
John Davin

The Benefits Of Digital Business Cards

How to share your Digital Business Card

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Digital Business Card Setup, Let me create a free demo for you!