CBD Pet Health And Wellness Oral Spray

An easy-to-administer spray that promotes daily health & wellness in your pets. Can help treat a variety of gastrointestinal, inflammatory problems.

For pets under 25lbs. use 2 sprays. For pets over 25lbs. use 4 sprays.

CBD Natural Flavor Pet Spray - 100mg

This mildly flavored spray can be easily added to pet food or treats as a daily supplement to help manage stress or pain. Shake well before each use.

For pets <25 lbs, use 2 sprays. For pets >25 lbs. use 4 sprays.

CBD Natural Flavor Pet Drops - 250mg

These drops are easily added to pet food or treats as a daily supplement to help manage stress or pain.

For pets <25lbs use one full dropper. For pets >25 lbs. use 2 full droppers.

CBD Pet Chew Treats

A convenient, delicious & playful way to make CBD part of your pet's diet. Helps treat multiple conditions without using harmful prescription medication. Does not damage the liver, kidney or GI Tract like OTC medication.

Pets less than 15 lbs get 1 treat, over 15 lbs get 2 treats.

CBD Pet Conditioning Shampoo

A calming, conditioning shampoo that helps treat a variety of skin conditions in your pet while leaving their fur bouncy and shiny! Helps fight fur loss and irritation.

How much CBD Oil is right for your pet?
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Pet Compressed Disc Pain
Relief from CBD oil

shared by Karen Anselmo

I started to give my dog 1 drop of my 750mg oil every 12 hours and took away one of two of her pain meds. Now, she no longer moans and is able to stand on back legs when she wants something. It’s worth it to me to take her off one harmful Med which was a necessary evil but no longer!

Pet Sleep and General Health
from CBD oil

shared by Theresa Puglia

Using CBD oil at 3 1/2 months old.... Maggie loves it, she sleeps thru the night & I know it will benefit her bones etc. She loves it...before bed I put 2 drops on a spoon & she licks it clean! In the morning she gets 1 drop! I use the 500mg for myself so that is what I give Maggie.

Pet Allergy and Asthma Relief from CBD oil

shared by Jodie Taylor-Tait

My little dog has suffered horribly for years with both food and environmental allergies. A few years back they became so bad she developed asthma and required an inhaler and at times prescription medications to help her breathe. We had her on a long list of supplements to ease her suffering.
Back in February I started her on CBD oil and the results were immediate. The inflammation in her ears went away and her breathing was normal. Within 2 weeks her hair started to grow back, and the itching disappeared. She can now enjoy being outdoors for long periods and no longer requires weekly bathing.

Horse with Severe Melanomas Helped from CBD oil

shared by Melissa Johnson

CBD has helped my horses!!  My 22 year old Mare Molly has SEVERE Melanomas on her lady parts, rear end and on a few other areas. Two months ago, she was lethargic, dropping weight, and seemed generally miserable. I assumed her "time" was nearly up. She was getting Cimetidine, which is the "go-to" treatment for Melanomas; it didn't work for her. After 4-6 wks of 4 daily CBD oil doses, Molly has greatly improved. She's gaining weight, seems more alert and energetic. Her Melanomas have shrunk minimally, but I am confident that with continued use, they will improve. She is less stiff and sore and even galloped alongside the herd today! 

Sanders Whitley


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