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Elify Virtual Business Card Affiliate

Elify Virtual Business Cards

Mobile Marketing Simplified

A Business card like you've never seen. A relationship management exprience like you've never had.

Among other great features:


A digital card that acts more like a mobile landing page for your brand.
Try Shuffle for FREE and use your one business card everywhere.
Or upgrade your subscription and enjoy a full set of 10 cards
to use however and whenever you'd like.
There's never any limit to the number of edits
you can make or the number of times you can share your cards!

Customer tracking

Track viewer activity and engagement with your card. See exactly who viewed your card, and get notified when they viewed it. Track how much time they spent on it, and where they clicked. Does your other business card do that?


Share your message through virtually any medium. Cards are SSL Secure and web based, making them ideal for advertising, marketing and promotion.
This means anywhere you can post and share a web URL, you can post and share a Shuffle card.
Your audience doesn't require a special app to view, save, forward, or engage with your Shuffle card.

Value for money

For as little as $10 a month for 10 cards, this works out as $0.03 per card per day. I don't know how you value your time but this is a no brainer for me.

Take a look at the following video, I am sure you will be convinced that this is a brilliant time saving product.

If you like it either register for a single free card or for the discounted $10 per month. If you require any further information just fill in the form below with your questions or contact me on Webtalk.

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