JaMarr John Johnson

Founder @, UpMind Media LLC

Hey there, my name is JaMarr John Johnson the Entrepremedian!

Which means, I'm an Entrepreneur that is extremely funny!

I’m from New York City, the oldest of four children and I am hilarious!

Not by accident but out of necessity you see I endured a lot of suffering as a child and my mother taught me how to laugh to keep from crying. I then spent 14 years of my life in the United States military. During that time I discovered the purpose of my life and that is:

The purpose of my life this to bring joy pleasure and happiness to those around me to learn daily achieve greatly and always follow my divine creativity so I can inspire millions of people around the world to live a life of their own design.

I plan to accomplish my life's purpose through my brands UpMind Media LLC & Entrepremedian (TM) my goal isn't simply to make people laugh its to provide solutions to problems in a creative way which is the core of my business! #SuperConnector

I'm in the legacy business people, thanks for taking the time to read my details, lets stay connected and see how we can provide value to one another as we build our empires!


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JaMar John Johnson

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