Sharyn Swan

The Dot Connector

"Connect, Inspire, Teach, GenX women who are 'being their own boss' to have more peace, more prosperity and more play!"

So my sessions are centred around self, leadership, and business - it's a mix of strategy ideas, mindset, mentoring and healing!

I am a certified facilitator of a range of unique tools and techniques which include Sacred Money Archetypes® and The Wish® and you will be drawn to one or most that resonates with your needs for now.

With a creative passion for ideas, and an award winning background in Business Development, Self Leadership and Team growth, I love seeing new ideas come to life!

Emotionally, I have an intuition that's very accurate to identify what messages women are playing internally, that they cannot see or logically know exist, that they are silently sabotaging their freedom and how this has been influencing the 'tell themselves stories' which hide them from seeing the value they bring to situations.

What do you want for you?
If its more peace, prosperity and play then you've come home to a language I love to share and listen about!
Let's see what you want to choose first.

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