You have been Exclusively invited to a sneak peek Live Conference of a New Rideshare Company built on a blockchain that’s about to disrupt Uber / Lyft.

We are doing these live webinars for the time being Monday through Friday. This will be subject to change when we officially launch.

We need Driver's... and for those not interested in driving, we need Infuencers. "Driver Recruiters".

Think of what it would have been like to have had a financial stake in Uber or Lyft at their inception. Well that opportunity presents itself here, and much much more.

Come see what all the buzz is!

Start times:

9am PST/12noon EST

12pm PST/3pm EST

3pm PST/6pm EST

6pm PST/9pm EST

You don’t wanna miss this...Invite your friends and take the First Seat, and be prepared to be WOW'D! Access Code: 861-568-1336

Barry P Edmonds

Founder /Driver / Influencer