Tracy Krueger

Silver Ambassador / President’s Club Member , Independent Avon Representative Tracy Krueger

Tracy Krueger is an Independent Avon Sales Representative, President’s Club Member and Silver Ambassador. Tracy Krueger, Avon Rep, joined Avon in November of 2016. In a short amount of time, she has proven to be at the top. Earning Top Sales in the District after just seven campaigns with Avon! Tracy Krueger has started her Avon team, Team Beautiful, early and has been noticed by Avon corporate in March of 2017 who interviewed her on her success thus far as an Avon rep! Tracy Krueger has earned several Avon incentives including Sparkle Like A Boss Avon Necklaces, Ticket to Boss Life Scratch-offs, Turn on the Charm Avon bracelet, cash for qualified recruits, 40% earnings on sales, and promotion bonuses! Tracy Krueger has steadily ranked at the top of her district for sales and recruiting. She earned the title of Silver Ambassador on August 6, 2017 in only nine months with Avon! She has also completed the Avon Leadership Development Program in October of 2017. She also achieved President’s Club by selling more than $10,000 in Avon products her first year! "The future is promising. I can't wait to see what is next!" states, Tracy Krueger.

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