James Martinez

Independent Associate, LegalShield

Hello thanks for visiting my virtual card. My name is James Martinez l'm a Marketing Àssociate as a LegalShield Àssociate we help inform people about the membership and help people sign up once  they see value in it.
What is LegalShield? LegalShield is a 45 yr old highly accredited Company that makes it alot more easier & affordable to connect with an army of top rated Attorneys who specializes in many different areas of law when life happens without the worry of high cost. The help comes threw owning a membership. Why would you pay $250. an hour you can pay $29.95 a month?
As a member you get. . .
Unlimited phone consultation.
Phone calls & letter writing.
Contact & document reviewing.
Trial defense for civil cases- 60 hrs Attorney time 1st year, time accumulates by 60 hrs  every year until the 5th year equaling 300 hours of Attorney time.
Free will for the life of the membership.
24/7 emergency hot line to Attorneys for injuries, law enforcement detainment, CPS issues.
Coverage through out the US & Canada.
Everything that's done over the phone never exceeds the cost $29.94.
Access to LegalShield customer service for support & complaints.
Membership perks.
Should members decide to sit face to face with Attorneys at law firm then as a LegalShield member goes to 25% discount off Attorneys hourly rate. 
Memberships: Family, Small businesses (Memberships, Price differs per plan, per Country), Identity theft protection.
Browse tabs & videos below, if I can be of assistance please go to contact me tab fill out the contact me form and I'll get back to you asap.  Also  as a member LegalShield offers members a referral bonus program as an option. If member loves the membership members can get positioned to supplement their income when referring others. Not only can this help pay for your monthly membership fee but earn extra ordinary income too. Contact me for more information. Please do me a favor, if you're going to sign up please make sure and use sign up tab below through my personal website. I greatly appreciate that and will always be here to serve you when needed.
We look forward to helping you. Have a blessed day.