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Update - 3 July 2018

*** Heads up, everybody!***

Last promo was a smashing success!  So much that it has been extended for one... more... month!

There is only one thing you must do to guarantee your discount: When you enroll, you must use an affiliate referral number (mine is 8772007299)

No referral number... no discount. Don't do yourself like that. You can use mine to get the discount. It is 8772007299.

Get your order locked in before midnight, 31 July 2018, to retain the monthly $10 fee.

Don't Wait!


9 Ways Elify Can Help Grow Your Business

This digital business card provides a number of benefits:

1) Low monthly cost - only $10 USD/month - if you get started before the end of June (price will be raised to $19.99 USD, but current customers will keep $10 USD/month pricing).

2) In addition to using the digital business card as a business card it can also be a website.

3) Easy to build/change your business card/website yourself, but I'm always available to help.

4) When you shared your digital business card, they don't get lost.

5) Analytics shows you who and when someone views your information.

6) Comes with a free CRM - customer relationship management system - which can also serve as a time management system.

Schedule followups with your customers.

7) You have the option of getting proximity devices to broadcast your digital business cards to anyone within a 100 yard radius of the devices.

8) Soon your customers will have access to a free app which helps them save and find your digital business card when they are looking for you.

9) Reach android and iPhone users effortlessly.

If you find value in this, like I do - you can get started by going to and following the directions you find there.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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