Nancy Lewis Hill

Owner - CEO, Lighten UP! Coaching with Miss Nancy

Lighten UP!

Coaching with Miss Nancy

Here's the big announcement- confidence is tied with happiness. It's not about your outside physical appearance or a cockiness of attitude.
When you're in a transitional place in life, it can really rattle that confidence. It can feel like you just don't know if you can let go of what "was" to move forward fully into what now IS.
Confidence is found in knowing and embracing the actual, true, you. It's about knowing who you are at your core and shining that light out, happily!
This could be the time to reach across for a bit of an arm in arm link up. Time for someone to run along with you as you move through the transition and reconnect with that confidence.
This doesn't mean non-stop drilling down into boring, blah, blah, blah, and "you ought to know better" type of support.
It doesn't mean it can't be a fun experience.
It NEEDS to be a fun, successful experience!
Let's talk. It's time to turn that NoJo back into MoJo and Lighten Up so that you can make that powerful and positive impact in your relationships, your business and the world!
xo Miss Nancy