Heather Nicole Deignan

Independent Color Street Stylist, Polished Dragonfly

Let me Introduce to you your new favorite polish, Color Street! It is 100% nail polish made in the USA, created by our founder Fa Park who in New York City noticed a woman in a cab struggling to paint her nails.
Our nail polish is convenient and travel friendly, you can apply them anywhere; everything needed is included in the package.
    • 2 sets (16 strips), enough for a mani and pedi
    • Nail file
    • Alcohol prep pads

  • You can choose between
  • Regular nailset
  • Petite- for smaller nailbeds
  • Pedicure- for larger nailbeds
Get your salon quality manicure in minutes with a  price you can better afford; ranging from eleven to forteen dollars, lasting up to fourteen days if not longer, and easily removed with nailpolish remover.
I would love to become your Color Street stylist and help you with any of your polish needs!