Video #1: 1 Minute Private Banking Class

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Video #2: Withdrawal Proof

Video #3:  Hyper Nation Presentation

Video #4:  Stable Dao Presentation

Video #5: 2 weeks results from the 6 Figure Forex Bot

Video #6 : The Best Forex Gold EA in the Game 100K to $600,000,000 in 7 yrs?

Video #7: Digiebot NSI Overview

Video #8: Tru Badger & The Nexus Eco System Overview

Video #9: FUNDZ Presentation


Please contact me for help with any questions you may have! Jermar Durst 512 705 7268

#1 $230-$1275 in 3 days w Self Private Banking BECOME YOUR OWN PRIVATE BANK

#2 Withdrawal Proof

#3 Hyper Nation Presentation

#4 Stable Dao Presentation/ Great Discussion on Capital Protection and Citi Bank on Board Room Zoom

#5 Great Discussion on Investing yourself to generate Universal Basic Income on Board Room Zoom

#6 2 week results w the 6 Figure Bot

#7 The Best Forex Gold EA Bot in The Game

#8 Digiebot/ NSI Overview

#9 Nexus Eco System Overview

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