Natalie Butler

Beauty Blogger/Consultant | Pinterest Strategist, I am YOUR Beautiful Nerd

I'm a strategist.

More than fluff, I love seeing results; with that being said, not only am I a teacher but I'm student. I spend each day learning, studying, implementing, testing and tweaking social media strategies and updates.

Then, my beautiful friends, I come back and share these exact same strategies to help you show up, stand out and dominate social media. Using your most authentic voice, I teach you how to create engaging content, build relationships and convert those "likes" into sales.

Running your business on autopilot: I teach you how to use those same high converting social media posts on Pinterest to drive passive traffic for months or even years to come --- way AFTER your posts have disappeared in the social media news feed; therefore, your business is always working for you even when you're not ;)

Social media areas:
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
Do you know where your business/brand really needs to show up and HOW to show up?

How to Be a Social Media Influencer

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