Create an Abundance Snowball with the innovative peer-to-peer crowdfunding platform created by CoopLife

Need a quick and simple cash injection? Create it with our Abundance Snowball!

Hello there,

I know that sometimes money can be tight and you need a quick cash injection to catch up, start something new, or grow and develop your business.

At this turbulent time you might be struggling more than usual, or just want to create a cushion in case the world economy goes into crisis.

Or maybe you feel that you are now in a good position to contribute to others and help them get a bit of extra cash.

Whatever reason brought you here, I am happy to introduce you to CoopLife, an innovative crowdfunding platform running on autopilot where you get to donate and in turn receive donations yourself. It's exactly like an Abundance Snowball!

Make sure you watch the video above to see how it works.

Could you benefit from a little cash injection? More importantly, do you know someone, perhaps a non-profit, that would benefit from a consistent flow of residual income?

With grateful thanks,

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P.P.S. CoopLife uses cryptocurrency in order to make it easier to operate worldwide. If you do not have a crypto account you can set one up quite easily at CoinBase using my link below. When you put $100 USD into your Coinbase account you will receive a gift of $10 in Bitcoin as a thank you. This whole process is much simpler than it might seem so book a call with me and I'll walk you through it step by step.

Andrea Koochin

CoopLife: create your Abundance Snowball