What a Business Receives
• Full access to the GetintheLoop platform including 5 offers and access to our membership.
• GetintheLoop will spend over $5,000 co-marketing the first 10 businesses that sign-up.
• GetintheLoop will buy a $150 worth of gift-cards from your business that will be included in a prize pack giveaway as well as leveraged for local engagement.
What GetintheLoop Provides
$5000+ Local Marketing Spend
• Paid social media marketing - targeted ads with the first 10 brands focused on building membership.
• Social media contesting - Instagram and Facebook contests that direct consumers to the businesses Facebook and instagram accounts. These will highlight business offers and gift card giveaways
• On-site activations at local community events - GetintheLoop will highlight current business brands and offers at these events
• Local Instagram highlights and stories - GetintheLoop will do a feature of the business and its offers on our local Instagram page
• Ongoing social media presence from our local Instagram and Facebook
• Blog post promotion - GetintheLoop will feature your brand in a ‘business profile’ blog post that will be shared and promoted through social media.

$150 Gift Card Purchase

• GetintheLoop will be putting together a prize pack giveaway worth $500 (including $50 of the $150) from gift cards from the first 10 partners
• GetintheLoop will be highlighting all businesses and their brands through the contest
• Local consumers will have to download the app and interact with the contest post in order to qualify for the prize
• GetintheLoop will also giveaway the additional $100 worth of gift-cards through social media giveaways
Launch Program Roadmap
• Day 1: Partner signs up via link ($225) - GetintheLoop purchases $150 in Gift Cards. Partner puts up marketing materials.
• Day 2: Venue set up and offers go live. GetintheLoop takes photos for social media sharing.
• Day 3: Social media welcome (Facebook and Instagram) with feature offer
• Day 7: Review offers and optimize
• Day 8: First $50 Gift Card giveaway through social media
• Day 14: Second $50 Gift Card giveaway through social media
• Day 20: Partner fills in ‘partner profile’ to go live on Day 30
• Day 25: Social media feature - Instagram (video/photo/story)
• Day 30: Email on total stats on current offers/send info partner link
• Day 30: Partner profile blog goes live and is promoted through social media
• Day 30 and beyond: Continued support as a partner of GetintheLoop including but not limited to:
- Offer optimization
- Future social media sharing
- Partnership co-marketing opportunities
- On-site activation possibility

Signing of 10th Launch Partner

• Coordination of $500 giveaway - Social media posts and exposure.
Limited Space Available: Claim Your Spot Now!