John Morrison

Owner, The Morrison Group

Entrepreneur | Professional Network Marketer | Speaker | Trainer | Marketing Specialist

As a former coach, John knows how to mentor and help others. He tells new entrepreneurs to "plug in and hang around people that are getting it done. We can teach them the skills to be successful (How to generate leads, how to follow up and get more reps, etc.), but we can’t teach them belief, passion, intensity, and urgency. They have to get these by being around people who have these traits! They need to keep in mind they will become the average of the five people they hang around most, and will beats skill every time."

John continues to win awards, receive recognition, and is asked to speak and train at company events all over the country! That’s why you can be confident that he can help you succeed too. When it comes to helping you build a successful business, you’re going to love the results John helps you acquire.