Frank McMillon

Web Designer & Internet Marketing Specialist, McMillionaire Enterprises

I am a "Retired" Non-commissioned Officer of the United States Army, serving 20 years as a Transportation Manager. A natural born Leader, with an Entrepreneurial mindset.

I am a Website Designer with over 16 years experience in the Website Design Industry. I have a passion for helping entrepreneurs brand themselves. No job is too small! If you have the vision, I have the expertise to create it for you!

In additon to website design, I'm invested in several business models that have created Multiple Streams Of Income (MSOI) within the NetWORK Marketing and Direct Sales industry for me and my family. I show people just like you how to make and save money using the Internet as the vehicle.

What is it that I can help you with? I look forward to sharing my expertise with you. Let's chat by phone, email, text message or by facebook messenger!

I will leave you with this: What if I told you...It doesn't matter how you START, but how you FINISH.

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