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  • Lifetime Membership YES.
  • Can I get Business Credit cards with Bad Credit? YES.

  • Can I get CASH financing or loans with mid to good credit AND good Business Credit in this economy? YES

  • Will you get Support and Help? YES

  • Do you need more than a simple one bureau "score" that any business can get overnight? YES!!

  • Will this work for my company? YES

  • Do I need to be Incorporated? YES, we can do it for you for the state fees plus a very minimal charge.

  • About how much Credit can my Business obtain if I can't or won't Personally Guarantee anything? $ 1 million-plus cars, homes, boats, equipment, and almost anything a business needs.

  • Should I join the Program if I have good personal credit YES! 90% of owners fail and so does their credit! PLUS you have to have good Business Credit to get any sort of SBA or Micro Finance.

  • Should I do this now? YES

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