Stephani Spruill

Executive Energy Consultant

I am passionate helping people.
Very simply, I help you turn an investment of $100 into five paychecks a month. We're about building true residual income that is willable, sellable and transferable. Build the kind of income that takes care of you now and your family for generations.

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Do you want to work a couple of hours a week and supplement your income, work a couple of hours a day and replace your income or work your tail off for eight months and then retire? I'm here to help you reach your goals, whatever they are, it's completely up to you.

Make this call, let's do it together. 817-714-1132 or email me at

I am happy to answer any questions.
Can work from home.
No experience necessary.
NO cold calling, NO door-to-door
Part-time. Weekly bonuses. Monthly commission. No Quotas. No Inventory.

This is the answer for anyone who has a heart for people and enjoys a positive, uplifting team environment.

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