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We are a team of entrepreneurs with a vision: help others build the business of their dreams. Our focus is on developing technology for the small business owner, entrepreneur, and work-at-home professional that fills a void left by the bigger business solution providers today.
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Elevate your business. Simplify your life.
A digital business card that looks like a custom webpage, tracks like an ad campaign, and supports you like a personal assistant. Shuffle is a complete mobile marketing solution and customer relationship management tool wrapped up into one handy app. Put your success at your fingertips.

Build your brand, share your message and watch your business grow!
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  • Subscribe to at least one of the Elify Solutions and use your referral code to drive new users.
  • No ranks to achieve or minimums to maintain.
  • Enjoy a generous payout on each new subscription within the Elify Suite of Solutions that you refer, and every month thereafter for the life of the subscription.
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