Hey there, JaMarr here with some exciting news!!

As the Chief Marketing Officer for the largest cannabis virtual dispensary owner in California with plans to expand to Nevada, Arizona and eventually all states where cannabis is legal, which are 47 at the moment.
I would love to introduce you to an opportunity worth your time, energy, and investment. Imagine owning a piece of a multi-million dollar cannabis license with the ability to service thousands of customers all from a website and have those products delivered by a discreet delivery force?
The Nirvana Gold experience is one of a kind and sure to increase your streams of revenue!
We are launching a new product line that will be sold nationwide, leveraging the latest in genetic testing in conjunction with CBD and THC consumption to help people optimize their health and dosage. and to celebrate we will be partying on a Yacht in July, come join us by becoming an executive TODAY!

Welcome to the green Rush!

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JaMarr John Johnson

Chief Marketing Officer, Club Nirvana