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Espira – Get Natural Energy FREE! -

Earn a FREE full size of Espira Natural Energy with each $40 Espira purchase! That’s a $25 value!

Long-lasting energy and increased mental focus with green tea dn whole coffee fruit extracts.

Espira Kids Vitamin – It’s here! -

Moms will be thrilled to hear that Avon has added yet another product for kids – and this one supports their health and vitality!

Espira Kids Multivitamins contain 100% of the daily value of 20 vitamins and minerals plus a blend of fruits and vegetables. Moms will also love that they have no added sugar but do contain xylitol, which is good for teeth and dental health.

What will kids love? Why, the tasty Very Berry flavor, of course!

The About Face A-Box featured in the photo below is only $10 with any $40 purchase - It's a $51 value!

And don't forget - get FREE Shipping in our online store with a $40 order!

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