Alan Holmes

ORU independent Affiliate

Say Goodbye to Fraudulent Disputes, Chargebacks, and Payment Processors or Merchant Accounts that can Freeze & Restrict Your Account and Charge You Outrageous Fees!

Has your current payment or any other merchant
account been limited or shut down?
I have your solution!

  • No more merchants freezing your accounts
  • No more fraudulent disputes and drawbacks
  • No more high merchant fees
  • No more worrying if your account will get shut down for selling digital or non-tangible products and services
  • No more limits and delays on bank transfers

Imagine having the piece of mind of being able to take
all the payments you want INCLUDING HIGH TICKET
PAYMENTS with no hiccups or worries!

This is what the Internet Marketing
World has been waiting for!

This will revolutionize the way affiliate companies, network marketing companies, internet marketers, network marketers, affiliates and business owners sell and receive funds online.

PLUS it even comes with the opportunity to CASH IN BIG TIME

Hypothetically, let's say you chose to become a Premium Member for only $5.95 per month.

(At sign up, there's a one-time activation fee of $24.99
bringing your total join fee to $30.94, with a
recurring subscription of only $5.95/mo.)

And let's say you brought in 20 more Premium Members...

Who only brought in 2 Premium Members each...

Which duplicated down 10 more layers.

I'd be making $5,115 residual income every month!

*NOTE..Results are BASED on Individual Efforts and May Vary


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