Romy Blystone

Certified Habitudes® Master Trainer & Speaker,,, &

Romy Blystone has worked with youth, and in particular, at-risk youth, since he was one himself back in the late 80’s.

After years of serving others as a consultant, coach, and mentor, Romy started speaking professionally in 2014. Since then, he has presented over 100 PEP Talks to parents, students, teachers, and staff across Wisconsin in an effort to build culture thru character and leadership training.
His passion is to share truth, love others, and offer hope. From his personal testimony to his 2016 certification as a Habitudes® Master Trainer, Romy's message rings true no matter where you come from… or where you are going.
PEP Talks are 90-120 minute presentations designed to share truthlove others, and offer hope.

Independent of the content or the audience, Romy is intentional about his approach to reaching others on a level that meets the needs of an ever-growing demographic of people starving for connection, acceptance, purpose, and meaning to life.

From keynote speeches to breakout sessions, workshops, and even camps, Romy's mission is to make meaningful connections with the audience and then share strategies on how to build stronger, healthier relationships with all those around us.


"To build a divine culture, we must first learn how to love what we do, love who we do it with, and love who we do it for." - Romy Blystone