Angelique Agee

Silver Executive Leader , New Avon LLC

I have been with Avon since 1994. I sell products as well as mentor, coach, train and support representatives through their business journey.

In my spare time I am a volunteer tour guide at the Mobile Carnival Museum and I also serve on the board of advisors for the Penelope House Women's Shelter. I LOVE to write and have been a co author in 2 collaboration books. "A view from the Top" volume 1 and also in 2018, "Be A Voice"

Fundraising for my Making Strides Breast Cancer Walk has begun. Follow the link below to learn more.

I love to travel and have been blessed to have earned all expense paid trips all over the world from Avon.

I am available Monday thru Friday 9am - 9pm and Saturday 8-2pm. I look forward to connecting!

I'm Spoiled! Avon Incentive Trips