Stan Williams

Retired Business Owner

My name is Stan and first let me say thank you for taking time to view my virtual business card. You're receiving this because we are friends, went to school together, worked in the auto industry, were partners in the same online business or you used my car service.

One of the things my company is doing is donating meals to a non profit organization called Meals Of Hope. We have donated over 700,000 meals to people in need over the last 8 years and we need your help.

With every purchase of our Detox Tea and other products (we have a 30 day money back guarantee) we are helping people and families all over receive food during these very difficult times that we are all facing. To view more info check out the videos and links below.

As a thank you for supporting a worthy cause I am giving away info to FREE & LEGAL live tv & movie streaming platforms that you can download on your phone or Android device. Also I am giving away FREE hotel voucher codes valued at $100 & $250 with no expiration date to be used when this crisis has passed.

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