Zisa Bader Henderson

Life/Wellness Coach

Thanks for checking out my digital business card to learn how I can help you!

Welcome to BalancedGoodLIfe!

We offer direction, love and support to help you have better health. More energy. Better relationships. More Fun. So where do we start?

I think by learning about how we do this!

Hi, My Name is Zisa Bader-Henderson.

I have been a Wellness Coach for over 20 years. I am dedicated to helping people become healthier, less stressed, more balanced and grounded, to have good relationships, and more. I love helping people understand who they are and reaching their full potential!

To do this:

* I offer one-on-one coaching
* I share helpful life tips here and on my web site
* I teach new life skills in my Webinars and Youtube videos

I love to share the knowledge I've gathered from over 20 years experience as a Wellness Coach, with my clients and their feedback. I have also learned a lot through my many years of studying and acquiring through my degrees in psychology and business.

Here are a just a few fun topics we will discuss here!

* Less Stress
* Self Esteem/Self Love
* Better Sleep
* Mind Control
* More Energy
* Clearer Mind
* Discipline
* Good Nutrition
* Relationships
* Forgiveness
* Weight Loss
* Fitness

And so much more

Let's have fun, help each other, learn and work towards having a Balanced, Good Life In A Busy World!

My Best Health Ideas To You,



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