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Angelique Agee - Bronze Executive Leader , New Avon Company


Avon is evolving into a modern digital business that can be easily run from a smartphone or computer. Get paid from online sales in as little as 4 business days! Avon now offers products for the home, children, hair, teeth and Pandemic needs.

3 ways to join

1) Free basic account - LIMITED TIME! (25% discount on orders 40.00 or more) Available for immediate use

2) Join for a Minimum $5 donation to the American Cancer Society includes a basic account

3) Pay a one time 30.00 fee includes $100 in Free products and brochures

*Free online Training
*Free business tools
*Free Website
*Incentives & Recognition
*No Inventory needed, No parties

I have been with Avon since 1994. I am passionate about helping people look good, feel good and grow successful businesses. Please share this virtual card with someone special.

I am available Monday thru Friday 9am - 6pm and Saturday 8-2pm. I look forward to connecting!

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