Who Is Frank McMillon?


I am a FUN and FRIENDLY guy, married to my lovely wife, Tracey and together we have 4 adult children and 5 grandchildren!

I reside in Norfolk, VA, which in minutes away from Virginia Beach!

I am a "Retired" Non-Commissioned Officer (Serving 20 Years in the US Army).

I LOVE & ENJOY helping people just like you to achieve their financial goals and that I why I'm here!

I invite you to take a close and serious look at the business model I am sharing by viewing the videos that I've shared below!

Frank McMillon - Platinum Team Member

*REQUIRED EARNINGS DISCLOSURE: We are required by law to make sure that you understand that any statements of particular income amounts, or any experiences shared by the individuals on this website may be exceptional, not typical. All income derives only from the sale of products or services. No results from any person using our program in the past should serve as any indication that your results will be similar in the future. Nothing on this website is intended to convey that there is any guarantee of income. Your results will depend on your execution in your business just as it would with any business.

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