If you are a crypto enthusiast, or a person who values the privacy of your data & communications, or if you travel around the world and want to save on roaming charges and high telecom service providers fees, then you should get the world's 1st Voice Over Blockchain Protocol Smartphone

Introducing the Revolutionary Impulse K1-SmartPhone

A Blockchain Smartphone working on the world's first Voice Over Blockchain Protocol (VOBP) bringing complete decenteralization to your communication.

* Integrated with gold and cryptocurrency payment solution.

* Integrated with cryptocurrency hardware wallet.

* No roaming fees

* Cheaper, faster, private

* Can use SIM Card, Wifi or Satellite

* Monthly usage fees only $6 / month per active user (so you can save a lot of money as compared to the monthly fees you are paying your mobile phone services provider)

* Ultra security with unique identity - private key for crypto payments and Wormguard, unlike any regular smart phone.

*Documents, invoices, text and voice messages and any other data are sent peer-to-peer and end-to-end encrypted, thereby minimizing third-party intervention.

With the IPFS platform any information is getting saved and encrypted through decentralized storage based on the blockchain technology. As a result, there’s no need to worry about third parties monitoring your actions, as the peer-to-peer encryption cannot be hacked or manipulated.

* Unique communication channel using blockchain encryption security.

* Matrix identity - every user can create an infinite number of crypto wallets. Every wallet can be transformed into a phone number and can be assigned with an identity.

* Infinite storage - all information, media, photos, docs are stored enctrypted in the blockchain. Because we can create infinite blockchains, all users can store infinite information and access it anywhere and anytime.

* Electronic warfare transmitted location (EWTL) - to protect all users location service uses a special military technology to share and reveal locations. Everything is transmitted encrypted and location is revealed only to the user you wish to communicate with.

* Wormguard - this technology creates a protection shield around the private key to secure users against theft, lost or unwanted access. This security option encrypts all devices to which the key is connected and activated. Only the owner can decrypt them.

* Recovery link - this option was created to help users in case of lost phone or key. This technology enables the user to recover all its information from the blockchain and they can configure a new private key.

* Uses Cryptodata Operating System which is secured Android and offers a user friendly interface.

* Regular applications from IOS & Android will be available to install on the smartphone.

Decentralized services allow the user to store and spend both fiat and cryptocurrency through several customizable wallets. You can create wallets for automatic payments or family purchases, with access for each member, that is why the device can serve several users.

In addition, the device allows you to use multiple phone numbers, without changing the SIM card. Say you use a work number in the office, and personal one on the weekend, thereby getting rid of unnecessary stress in your leisure time.

Many businesses have started ordering these VOBP smartphones for their directors / top managers, and many individuals too have placed orders for these phones.

Ancel Fernandes

Director | Marketing Consultant - Helping Business Owners & Individuals To Market Better & Make Money Online By Leveraging Proven Systems & My Vast Experience