Denise Parker, DC

Owner/Doctor , Resonate Wellness Chiropractic

Did you know? Your body has the ability to heal, on its own, without chemicals to force away symptoms. When given what it needs, your body will heal.

The bulk of patients come to Dr. Parker with problems related to low energy, weight, digestion, blood sugar, cholesterol, hormones and of course neck and back pain. Many come very discouraged, having tried several other treatments first with some relief but not resolution. The key to resolve these stressors, find the causes: physical, chemical and mental AND apply the appropriate correction: physical, chemical and mental, even for those with just neck and back pain only.

Dr. Parker looks at the entire body, a complex system of systems each depending on the other to do its job, instead of looking at one symptom and treating it. Since the nervous and immune systems are in charge of keeping everything in check for your health, these are the main areas of focus. Muscle testing is used to evaluate these and decide on a plan of treatment, including nutrition, lifestyle changes, chiropractic adjustments and specialized therapies. Dr. Parker brings together a functional approach to find and address the overloads in your system that interfere with you attaining true wellness.

Dr. Parker is inspired by patient successes. She wants to make sense out of it all, not only for herself but for her patients as well. She is not afraid to speak openly about controversial topics and encourages questions about her work.

Move toward your wellness goal, get more than relief, resolve your health issues and regain your harmony with Resonate Wellness Chiropractic.

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