Sharron Gimik

ELIFY has added convienence and professionalism to how I do business and you can too!

✔create cards fast and easy
✔always have your cards
✔make up to 10 (or 100) different cards
✔never loose a prospect or customer
✔share it and track it
✔use the affiliate program and earn money

If you need a business card that acts like a website this is the best tool! You can add videos, add pictures, link your social media pages, and more!

You can create individual cards for products, or different services. Create online campaigns to be easily tracked on Facebook, Twitter and google+

And now Elfiy partnered with Wave and we can attach our cards to Beacons that will send out our card info (whichever one you choose) to nearby smart devices. This is called proximity marketing and can absolutly change how you do business.

My card link is right on the bottom. Start using this app today! It will change the way you do business.

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