Barb Barry

Avon Fundraising Specialist, New Avon LLC

Tired of the same old boring fundraising options?

Now you can do an online fundraiser with Avon!

Freshen up your fundraising options with Avon, that’s right Avon does fundraising!

It’s so easy to do an ‘online fundraiser’ with Avon.

Your fundraising specialist will do all the intial work, all you have to do is share the customized link with your organization’s participants and you’re on your way.

You and your Avon Rep will set a time frame for the fundraiser and agree to what percentage of commission will be donated to your group/organization.

Everyone in the group/organization just shares the link on their social media, via text or email to everyone they know.

All ‘donors/shoppers’ will have access to the fundraiser via the special link. They will be able to shop from the entire direct delivery eStore.

The group/organization will earn a portion of the ‘commission’ as agreed between you and your Avon Representative.

All products are shipped directly to donors/customers.

You will receive a check directly from your Avon Fundraising Rep that set up the fundraiser approximately 2-3 weeks after the close of the fundraiser online.

To get started with your Avon Fundraiser, contact me today and let’s get you set up!

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