Mary Phoenix

Certified Professional Health and Weight Loss Coach

Is weight loss your goal? You can have that and so much more! The before and after picture I want to show you is YOURS! It's easier than you think to reach a healthy weight while creating optimal health in your life. A coach can make it happen!

Great program and great Health Coach. Thank you Mary Phoenix for introducing me to your program and for your support during the program. I was surprised at the amount of weight I lost in a short time and I've learned new healthier eating habits to help me keep the weight off. -Shelly Schubert


If you are looking to lose weight, get healthy, and look and feel fabulous, then this program is for you! Take it from a girl who has done A LOT of programs and diets. Learning to eat healthily and break bad habits is hard! But this program takes most of the hard part out of it. The food is good, I'm rarely hungry and the hardest part is remembering to eat so often. The best part is your Health Coach. My coach, Mary is wonderful and supportive in every way. If you want something that truly does work, this program is it!! -Dana Pfeil

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