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The Shuffle Advantage for Business

The Shuffle platform is a tool to help business owners, sales reps, affiliates, and consultants to increase their revenues. Shuffle allows you to more easily attract new customers, capture quality leads, receive critical marketing information, and get live prompts on your mobile phone at the very point your prospects are most likely to take action.

Affiliate Program Overview

Wow! The Elify Affiliate Program is so unique and so generous. When I first found out about it I got super excited and now that I am making an additional income every month from recurring Elify commissions I am even more excited!

Elify pays out over 50% of their revenues to their affiliate network through monthly commissions and special bonuses.

As an Elify affiliate, you not only get to enjoy the benefits of Shuffle in your business for gathering and categorizing leads, getting live notifications on who's interested and when to follow up, but every customer who joins within your referral network brings you in monthly residual earnings.

Your Commissions as An Affiliate:

Elify pays you down to six levels within your referral network, just for sharing the advantages of Shuffle with others.

You get paid the following percentages just for paying a one time $1 fee to become an affiliate:

Level 1 customers: 10%
Level 2 customers: 8%
Level 3 customers: 15%
Level 4 customers: 5%
Level 5 customers: 5%
Level 6 customers: 8%

Signing Bonus

Plus, when you sign up a direct referral customer (on your first level) you earn an additional signing bonus of 40% the first month that they join.

Don't waste any time, Shuffle is a fantastic platform for business and when you combine it with our free, easy to understand, and step-by-step Shuffle Essentials Training card, you will be up and running with the knowledge and tools to build an entire income stream just by showing people the benefits of Shuffle and ensuring that they understand how to us it.

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Elify Shuffle has an affiliate program