Stop Leaving Money on the Table

Exclusive Offers

Credit card companies will actually pay YOU to use their card. Check out the best cash back credit cards in the industry.

Not sure if you’d get approved? Check out the company’s pre-approved or pre-qualified tool on their website. Though pre-qualified doesn’t guarantee approval, it does mean that your profile matches what the company is looking for and shows you have a good chance of getting approved plus you can find out without a hard pull on your credit.

For Discover, visit and check to see if you’re pre-approved under Credit Cards.

For American Express, visit and check for their pre-qualification tool under Cards.

If you’re pre-approved for Discover IT Cash Back, come back to this page to sign up and get your $50 after you make your first purchase with the card. You won’t get the $50 without going through the referral link on this page.

If you’re pre-qualified for American Express Blue Cash Everyday, come back here to get the exclusive sign up bonus of $200 when you spend $1,000 in your first 90 days. AMEX only offers $150 on their website. Or you can also sign up for one of the other cards that better suit your needs. Make sure you use the referral offers since they're usually higher than what AMEX offers to the public!