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Hello and welcome to my Life Vantage virtual card, we are very excited about Protandim NRF2 wellness discovery  and how we can now turn on "our own survival genes" naturally to reap the many health benefits.
If you like the idea of living healthier and like the idea of supplementing your income too we have some exciting news to share with you. Or if you're just focused on the product only to help you live a healthier more vibrant life then we welcome you as well. Either way we're glad you're here to learn about this exciting company and product. Follow steps #1 & #2 then make a choice A, B or C.
Then after you can browse other videos and tabs at your leisure.
1.Go to tab "Step #1 Guest Start Here" tab, view video of ABC Investigative Special Report.
2.Go to tab "Step #2 Sarah Harding Pro 8 LifeVantage Overview" and view entire presentation.
then make a choice from tabs
(A) Become a customer, get on auto ship shipping becomes free.
(B) Join our team and become a Distributor, $50 minumim one time fee. Other level entry fee options available.
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