Welcome to Fabulously Savvy; my name is Courtney Casselman I’m a Mom of two lovely little girls and married to my handsome husband Bryce. My journey with Savvy Minerals started after our families introduction to Young Living Essential Oils. The makeup line was introduced in the Summer of 2017 and arrived in Canada December 2017. Having already experienced Young Living’s oils and toxin free options for cleaning products in our home this makeup line was a welcomed addition.

You see I’m a girl that loves a full coverage with my makeup and in the past I would cake on the heavy liquids and powders. I’d do it without reading or caring what was on the ingredient list. Honestly looking back I can’t believe what I was applying to my face but after all it comes down to being educated.

Now since making the switch to Savvy I’ve learned how important it is to read our labels and understand the ingredients we are applying. As the gatekeepers of our homes it’s our responsibility to do the research and make the best choice for ourselves and our loved ones. Savvy Minerals is a beautiful, natural mineral makeup that is actually good for your skin. My skin looks and feels the best it ever has, not to mention the piece of mind I have applying and sharing this makeup with my girls.

I’ve had the privilege of attending the Young Living Essential Beauty Training where I was educated by the companies leading specialists in the field. This training introduced me to the quality and care that goes into our skincare line and all our products through our Seed To Seal Guarantee. I am so excited to share and help all of you experience what Young Living has to offer through wellness, purpose and abundance.

A special part of Fabulously Savvy and something I hold close to my heart is empowering other Women. I work closely with a team of ladies who encourage and inspire each other to reach our full potential through service to others. My mission is to develop a global team of Women who provide opportunity, self-awareness and the ability to unlock ones true beauty from within. If that is something you want to be apart of then I am here to help you reach your full potential!

Kind Regards,
Courtney Casselman

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