Jowanna Daley

Micro Business Coach, Consultant, and Affiliate Marketer, Jowanna Daley, LLC

Thank you for connecting with me. After over 20 years in corporate America, I have returned to my true love, micro, and solo business empowerment. I help independent businesses channel their superpowers through my coaching, consulting, and affiliate marketing products and services which include the following services to coaches and therapists:

· Micro business startup and coaching

· Branding and web design (through our parent company)

· Access to tools to help independent business owners run their company efficient


Micro businesses are businesses that make $250,000 or less in annual revenue and have less than ten employees. Over 99% of US companies are small businesses. Eighty-eight percent have less than 20 employees. Only 20% of firms have employees, and the other 80% of solopreneurs.

Our community needs your business to thrive. That is why I serve businesses like yours. My primary goal is to help you lay the proper foundation so that your business can go from a startup to a thriving, profitable business.