Gayle Edwards

Global Impact & Personal Brand Strategist, Brand You Consultancy Ltd

Welcome to Brand YOU - The only Brand that Matters!

Brand YOU is a Personal Branding, Leadership & Business Growth Consultancy specifically for Entrepreneurial Disruptors!

Gifted and talented students can feel "out of place" and present as "failing" if they don’t get the additional support and more challenging tasks they need to keep them motivated, on track and successful. Gifted and talented Entrepreneurs & Professionals are exactly the same!

Unfortunately, most of the support and resources available for personal and professional development is aimed at the mainstream - much like the education curriculum! At Brand YOU we help square pegs find their square holes! Our clients are Trailblazers, Firestarters and Game Changers. They are people who like to do things in their own way and create maximum impact - they are most definitely Leaders! Their frustrations are borne out of feeling misunderstood and disjointed - The Dare to be Awesome Personal Branding 30 Day Retreat is the square hole they have been searching for! Clarity, confidence, competence and relief are only a step away!

This unique 1:1 Retreat is a high level, transformational experience that takes you through our innovative 6 Step Success Plan uniquely designed for you. You see, I know exactly where you have been and how you feel about being so different amongst your peers that you feel as if there’s almost something wrong why you can’t just be like everybody else even though that would be your worst nightmare! The Dare to be Awesome Personal Branding 30 Day Retreat allows you to be YOU! It gives you permission and strategies to bring your hearts desires to life and begin living and achieving again with passion and purpose. Former clients now have waiting lists for programmes they couldn’t give away before, have set up businesses that, not only juice them, but are also profitable beyond their dreams, have gone into new industries and professions and become immediately known as a game changer, appeared on magazine covers for the first time ... and this is just a few that immediately spring to mind, what could it be for you?

As a Speaker, I inspire audiences to have the "Audacity to be Authentic" (which is the name of my signature speech by the way!) and also show them how to create their own Action Plan as the first steps to being their true, awesome selves - fulfilled, joy-full and success-full!

As a Radio Presenter, I host The Dare to be Awesome Podcast which focuses on motivation, inspiration, strategy and resources that allow you to stand up in your own hallelujah! If you would like to be a guest on the show then please contact me.

One final thing - rest, relaxation and self care are extremely important to all Leaders. We cannot thrive if we are burned out, stressed or financially stretched which is why I became a Travel Advantage Member so I can take time out and not have to worry about cost. I love a bargain! Click the button below to find out how the "Netflix of holidays", saves you money on this holiday and the next! It took me 15 mins to save over £500 on my next holiday - 15 mins, that’s all! Am I pleased? Absolutely!

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