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Discover a very AFFORDABLE (available today for only $10/month), SMART app & system that leverages the POWER OF MOBILE MARKETING & CRM to help small business owners / entrepreneurs / sales & marketing executives / work at home professionals / affiliate marketers / network marketers / doctors / lawyers / realtors / restauranters / insurance agents / trainers / coaches etc. to SHARE EYE GRABBING INFORMATION, generate LEADS, establish BETTER RELATIONSHIPS, GROW their BRANDS and BUSINESSES FASTER.

The majority of online transactions nowadays are being done via mobile phones - your marketing communication & customer relationship building messages should have a MOBILE FIRST presence. Shuffle will enable you to you do this.

Most sales happen AFTER the 5TH INTERACTION. Yet most business professionals only follow-up a couple of times. You're leaving money on the table if you don't consistently and appropriately follow-up - Shuffle's CRM system will enable you to do this.

Consumers consistently report that they want more personalization, and they want to establish a relationship before they can decide to purchase. Consumers have more options than ever before to shop with. They'll pick you if you've DEVELOPED A PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP and made that consumer feel like you're #1. Shuffle will help you build better relationships with your prospects and customers.

9 out of 10 printed business cards shared are thrown away. REPLACE your printed business card with SHUFFLE

Shuffle is more than a business card... It's a virtual card, that tracks like an ad campaign, that acts more like a mobile landing page for your brand, and supports you as a personal assistant.

Engage your contacts instantly with images, embedded videos, website & social media links & unlimited text.

Get notified by text or email everytime someone views your card.

Set follow up reminders so you never lose a prospect.

Create campaigns and capture new leads seamlessly.

Use the contact / customer relationship management (CRM) system to track your interactions and schedule follow ups.

You could easily use the available templates to create a Shuffle card / mobile landing page within a few minutes.

Add lead capture and call to action forms to your cards.

Shuffle makes it easier for your contacts & customers to forward your cards to others who may need your products / services.

Share your cards with the growing network of other Shuffle community members around the world.

Quickly find and connect with other Shuffle users within the app, request their cards and easily access their cards via your QRDex (like a digital Rolodex).

Save contact notes in your Shuffle CRM and always remember the important details of your interactions.

Get detailed analytics on what buttons and videos were viewed the most.

Replace your printed business cards with this eco-friendly and better alternative.

Print QR codes of your digital cards and use on all your marketing material to drive more traffic.

Use the Chatter within Shuffle to chat with contacts & broadcast messages to individual contacts & groups in your Shuffle CRM.

Your Shuffle cards can also be used as content and information sharing sites for announcements, invites, greetings, motivational messages, reminders, dating, information sharing, fundraisers, promos & coupons, contests, demo press kits, stats & highlights, menu of services, surveys, training, and more...use your imagination!

Easily clone my Shuffle cards & customize it with your images, text, links & videos.

Shuffle has improved my productivity & efficiency and has helped me to get more leads, build better relationships, and grow my businesses faster.


This is the most useful, affordable & cost-effective CRM & mobile marketing system I have used.

You too, will benefit significantly by using Shuffle daily.

This versatile Shuffle system that enables you to very easily create upto 10 digital cards / mobile landing pages that you can use an unlimited number of times & the CRM system, is

ONLY $19.99 / MONTH.

That's "exceptional value for money"

$10 / MONTH.

Click the "GET SHUFFLE TODAY" button below and get started.

After you create your Shuffle account and make your payment via your credit/debit card or Paypal, you can download the Shuffle app from the Android Play Store or Apple Store, login and start using it.

I will then send you guidelines and a "Welcome to Shuffle" digital card which shows you how to easily get started creating your digital card / cloning one of my digital cards, in a few mins, and sharing it with your contacts.

After you use and like Shuffle, and if you would like to earn additional income, you could register as an affiliate.

Click the button below to view some of the Shuffle cards / mobile landing pages I have created, which are being used effectively. You could click a button to clone these cards, customize and use them.

If you are a business owner, click the button below and you would see how you could get a customized template created for your employees / affiliates, which they could clone and use, and this would help you grow your business faster.

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Ancel Fernandes

Digital Marketing Consultant, Shuffle Elify Digital Connection Cards, CRM & Mobile Marketing System to Grow Your Brand, Relationships & Business Faster