Liquid Biocell vs. Injectables

Ever wonder about the difference between injectables and our liquid collagen/ha matrix?

There is a difference between the two.

The liquid collagen/ha matrix product will target the root cause of facial wrinkles - which is to replenish the ground substance/extra-cellular matrix in the dermis. Increased collagen/HA synthesis and content will bring lasting effects to the skin.

Secondly, the fillers made with high molecular weight HA are the very opposite. Instead of allowing your body to naturally produce more HA, it gives you an HA 'implant' of sorts- the gel-like substance plumps out the wrinkle or fold in the skin by remaining there until it dissolves (a few months later, when you have to go back).

And finally, injectables only reach a local area whereas the beauty (pun-intended) of our product is that it reaches all your connective tissues, and your dermis from head to toe (not just the facial fold).

To sustain an increased collagen and HA content, the continued use of Liquid Biocell is recommended for longer lasting effects.